Award-Winning Direct Response Copy

My name is Donna Doyle, and I've been creating winning direct response copy for over 15 years.

My clients include some of the biggest names in the alternative health, self-improvement, and financial newsletter markets.

To create WINNING print and online direct response campaigns that “beat the control”. I do this by working closely  with my clients, asking them the right questions about their prospects and products, and creating compelling copy that increases your response and profits.  What's more, I'll do it on target and on deadline.

Copywriter of the Year 

I was honored to be awarded “Copywriter of the Year” by American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) joining the ranks of such industry leaders as Clayton Makepeace and Robert Bly.

When you hire me, you'll also get the benefit of my decades of knowledge and experience with advertising, direct response copy, graphic design, print production, and more. Some of my control packages have mailed for close to a decade!

Copy Coaching

Have a direct response promotion that’s not living up to your expectations? Let me give it a new lease on life with a Creative Critique. One high-visibility women’s health supplement who implemented my suggestions enjoyed a 25% boost in response – and I’d like to help you do even better.

A creative analysis includes an analysis of your copy along with detailed suggestions for improvement. I will identify its strong points and what can be improved. Critiques include recommendations for both copy and design. I will provide specific ideas, concepts and creative techniques. While I can’t rewrite the package for you, I will offer some light wordsmithing and head you in the right direction. If you execute a rewrite based upon my recommendations I will review it at your option.

I'm located in Middletown, NJ -- the gateway to the Jersey Shore. You can contact me immediately at .

After only four weeks in the mail, your direct

response package is smashing our control.

Response has literally doubled with a $12

higher average order.

Matthew Katz,

Marketing Director, Northstar Nutritionals

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